LDK [ Sep 10 2009 by SF ]
Before the World War 2nd, talking of how we took meals in Japan, each of us dined separately on a small table brought by each.
After we removed these tables, the room became a space for sleeping, and after removed each bed, the space became a living room.
However, by the appearance of other small dining table "chabu-dai", family -people now came to eat same food on one table together.
Later, during the time of changing to American and European culture  after the war, a small table with which people had dined by sitting on a floor have changed to a large dining table which now requires the dining room.
As the result, in Japan, dining room and kitchen became to be indicated as DK, and then, the indication now has been progressed to LDK including living room.
Instead of gaining a private room which people have been longing for, the pleasure of getting-together of a family and the flexibility of a space have been gradually faded out.
It seems that a swing-back is now emerged in people's consciousness.
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