Collective House

In case like: Condominium, or corporative housing (with ownership or lease)

Probably, corporative form is an ideal for one who could spare no efforts to get ideal environment if own by private or invest large funds in real-estate.
After all, it is how far to be able to follow the view about a single-family house.

In case like: Owners of rent house

Most important thing is that it could contribute to the improvement of local living environment. The efforts to an improvement of each owner affect it directly to the asset value of land and buildings in the long run.

Next comes to the reservation of profitability.
Even if it builds a good condominium, if the profitability is low, itユs not attractive as an enterprise.
Then, when securing profitability, is it necessary what to examine?
Then, what should we have to consider to securing profitability

These are:
(1) Market research in a long term view.
(2) Efficient use of land
(3) The measure against taxes (inheritance tax, property tax )
(4) Reservation of design, basic performance
Especially, (4) is a very important element, because itユs a showplace of the ability of a capable architect office.