Single- family house

Personal Lifestyle
We have our own personality , and also family have itユs own.
Naturally, they have their own lifestyle, and any house reflected more or less their own lifestyle.
But in many cases, houses regulated or deprived the ideal of lifestyle.
You may know how few architect existence that who could think with you and try to get your ideal life together.

Importance of Identity
As people makes their own personal statement by clothes or manner of speaking, but most of houses are ticky-tacky, because they are built by builder or housing manufacturer. The thought what it doesnユt express are still helped, but those many are meaningless expressions. Identity is necessary even in the house.

To say like,'This is my house, and this is how I live.'it plays an important role to make a formation of identity for your family, especially for your child.
The space will influence development of a child's sensitivity greatly.

Good-looking = Beautiful ?
Well, I choose this for the front door, and this for bay window, and this for dormer etc,
this is just thinks about the looking, and it only finished a little finely.

Good-looking things become grubby and broken some day.
But a beautiful thing doesnユt become so.
Even if a beautiful thing is a little experienced, it will be too felt beautiful.